Brian Moon
Brian is a great friend and an all-around awesome guy who I worked with for 16 years and learned so much just being around. Super talented developer and amazing human being.
Colin Mattson
Ruby hacker, photograher, and great friend I've known since my MUCK days.
Matthew Ebel
Unbelievably talented piano rocker and great friend. Check out his music!

People who Inspire Me

Lisa Melton
Long time software developer, started the Webkit and Safari projects at Apple.
Jina Anne
I saw Jina speak at a conference in 2013 and she completely changed how I looked at web design and development. She's a passionate advocate for design systems.


Kevin and Kell
The longest running webcomic on the Internet.
Webcomic I have been reading literally since high school in the 90s.
Real Life Comics
I started my journey shortly after Mae started hers. Her comics meant a lot to me.
Robin Brooks
Talented artist who has been documenting her transition through her comics. She's been an amazing resource.
The consummate geek's webcomic.

Places I've Worked

Auburn University
I worked here from 2000-2002, first in the DUC and later in the College of Engineering.
National Park Service
I worked as a seasonal park ranger in Yellowstone National Park.
Worked here from 2006-2022. I got to work with cool technology around people who were even more cool.
I've worked here since 2022. Come join us in making healthcare better.

Planes and Trains

American Rails
Amazing site that documents the history of railroading in America.
Simple Flying
Great website covering the avation industry, with specific focus on commercial aviation.

My History Obsession

The British History Podcast
An absolutely amazing podcast that is doing a deep dive, chronological history of Britain. Jamie is an amazing host whose witty delivery and focus on making history relevant to the modern world really makes this work shine.
Hardcore History
Ever wanted podcasts that were more like audiobooks? Dan Carlin is an absolutely amazing podcaster who really grips you with the details.

Space Stuff

The 100 Year Starship
An organization with an audacious mission to build a starship within 100 years. Holds a yearly symposion on the subject.
Atomic Rockets
An absolutely amazing resource on spacecraft design.
Initiative For Interstellar Studies
British organization dedicated to Interstellar Travel.
Tau Zero Foundation
Pioneering Interstellar flight. Has a great Facebook group.

🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈 Stuff

It's not easy being trans in a hostile place like Alabama. This website is an indespensible resource for all gender-inclusive and gender-affirming services in the state.
The Gender Dysphoria Bible
Think you understand gender dysphoria? Think again. This site completely changed how I saw my life and helped make a lot of things finally make sense.
Rocket City Pride
🚀🌆🏳️‍🌈❤️ Huntsville's pride organization.
Stained Glass Woman
Super amazing in-depth writing about gender transition.
Transfeminine Science
Simply the best resource on understanding gender transition, and especially HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) from a scientific perspective.